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Seven Everson Interview

ashesWhen Emma Hart comes across the new bad boy writhing on the floor of her high school, it’s not exactly love at first sight, but it isn’t exactly hate. That is until he refuses to acknowledge her efforts to help and continuously gives her the cold shoulder. And his behavior isn’t just toward her. Connor Harmon seems determined to make everyone hate him.

But after being assigned to work with him on a history project, an attraction starts to build and the mysteries surrounding Connor keep growing. She has to be careful about asking Connor questions about himself, as the one rule when dealing with Connor is that you don’t ask questions about Connor. But why do his “seizures” seem to coincide with worldwide violence? Why has Emma’s friend, Ethan, become so obsessed with protecting Emma from Connor, and who are Ethan’s new friends? Why are they stalking Connor?

Seven Everson is the author of “Ashes of Eden“, a YA paranormal romance available through Amazon. I recently asked Seven if she’d agree to an interview, and she did! Continue reading