My Interview with @tamoja

Tammy (@tamoja) is both a writer and active extremely active reader on Wattpad. I don’t recall if I first came across her after Juliet Lyons recommended Tammy’s “Blood Mother” or after she started leaving her comments on Devil’s Lake. All I know is that she’s difficult not to notice.  I decided to interview her first because I knew she’d give some fun answers and good advice.

Tammy, you have so many stories on Wattpad. Which did/do you have the most fun writing and why?

I do have a lot of works. It matches my short attention span. When I get tired of something I like to be able to float to something else for fun, and I’ve made it a goal to try every genre at least once.

A Wattpad Featured Story 28.5K reads 1.6K comments 1.5K votes (4/11/16)

I have to say I had the most fun writing Glitz Gurlz. It started with a few gals I love egging me on and leaving 100 comments on w chapter with 5 reads. It became a thing to laugh at, and I didn’t overthink any of it. I promised plot holes and dumb moments and it was the most pleasurable writing experience I’ve ever had. Those girls literally made me feel like I was sitting around the table telling a funny story.

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Why Start on Wattpad


When explaining to people where my novel can be found, I often describe Wattpad as a “Youtube for Writers.” Certainly, it is not as big as Youtube, but it’s growing.

I joined Wattpad in late 2014 after reevaluating my views on self-publishing. Largely, I realized this was the route for me to take because it seemed the least stressful. I’m not after turning writing into a career. I’d be happy making a few dollars. What means the most to me is having readers.

And that’s the first reason Wattpad made the most sense to me. I could “publish” my work in an easy-to-read format without having to figure out templates and all the complications that come with preparing a book for self publication.

It also seems to me that while Wattpad is competitive, it seems easier to get noticed on Wattpad than it does in self-publishing.  Maybe it’s that there are fewer books on Wattpad competing with each other. Maybe it’s other aspects involving Wattpad’s design.  But I think a big componant is that Wattpad is designed around the principles that help authors shoot for success (I say shoot because it can’t be guaranteed).

These principles (which I honestly got from reading other blogs on self-publishing two years go) are the following:

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